The Monocle Travel Guide to Miami

Istanbul isn’t the only city getting the travel guide treatment from Monocle this December. The media company is also making its way down to South Beach as it offers up the definitive travel guide for Miami. As per usual, the Monocle crew showcases the best food, design and retail around, in this getting venturing outside of Miami Beach to explore the likes of Little Havana, Coral Gables, the Design District and more. The result is an inside look at one of the U.S.’s most vibrant cities and one rich in arts and culture alike.

“Without the tired bikini and sports-car clichés,” Monocle’s Gestalten-published 148-page guide to Miami will be available online for $15 USD this December.


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無印良品は6月13〜9月15日までの期間、アトリエMUJIで「素顔のブラジル」展を開催する。日本のクリエイター達がブラジル文化の象徴である「集い」の空間を表現し、ブラジルの生活雑貨と共に展示する。  「素顔のブラジル」展では、サンパウロの中心部に位置するイビラプエラ公園の1/80スケールの展示台を…

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