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Penda’s bamboo pavilion could be expanded to create homes for 200,000 people

Rural Urban Framework awarded Curry Stone Design Prize at Chicago Architecture Biennial

Piet Hein Eek converts former mill buildings into holiday rentals in rural France

Shingle-clad home by Starpilots can be split up to make way for a road expansion

Rural Urban Framework uses mirrored tiles to camouflage toilets at Mulan Primary School

Zaha Hadid completes Moscow office block with jutting floors and monochromatic atrium

3D-printed ice house by Clouds AO and SEArch wins NASA Mars Habitat contest

First official images of Damien Hirst’s south London gallery released

Delvendahl Martin Architects knocks through a pair of Victorian properties in Oxford

Century-old farmhouse on Jeju Island gets a whale-inspired makeover by Z Lab

Zaha Hadid’s Messner Mountain Museum photographed by Hufton + Crow

Open-plan house in Japan by MAMM Design features mezzanine “street”