Next Generation Thermostat

It’s not often that you see new products come out for the home that are radically different than their predecessors. A garbage disposal is a garbage disposal – usually the new ones are a little more quiet than the old ones. Dishwashers, for the most part, look the same today as they did 10 years ago.

The utilitarian devices we use around our houses have yet to go through any sort of dramatic change in form or function.

So when The Husband sent me a link to Nest, a digital thermostat, earlier this week, the first thing I thought was: This device is beautiful. And then I thought, Steve Jobs would have been proud. It’s a connection that makes sense, because one of the people behind the company is a former Apple Exec. who had a hand in developing both the iPod and iPhone.

But Nest is more than just a pretty face:

Linked into the internet and to your life, Nest can be scheduled and can learn – in it’s first week, it watches how you control your heat and cooling and creates rules based off of what you do. Since it can go online, you can also control it from your computer or by their mobile app. Cool.

Since it’s not out yet, we haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but if our system is compatible, I probably will – especially at a reasonable cost of just at $250.

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