Gabion Walls – What They Are And How To Use Them In Your Landscape

Ever used the term “gabion wall”? Sounds a little strange but it’s basically just the marriage between rocks and wire. These two simple materials are very familiar and, taken separately, they can be very useful and versatile when it comes to DIY projects. But what about the two combined? This duo also offers a lot of possibilities. Gabion walls are probably the most familiar project in this sense.They’re built of galvanized steel baskets filled with rocks. They’re very flexible in size and appearance and they can be very useful in outdoor spaces.

Walls and dividers.

Gabions are wonderful features for the garden. Use them to contain your outdoor spaces and to delimit the different functions. Their versatility also allows you to use them when building decks and patios. Just decide on the size and shape of the walls you want to build.{image sources: 1, 2, and 3}.

You can fill these structures with any type of rock. Use big rocks if you prefer a more industrial look and smaller ones if you wish to create a more subtle visual impact. You can built the walls as high and as big as you want. Just make sure they’re sturdy and stable. If you’re building a big wall, then you can be clever and fill the center with something inexpensive and pour the high-quality stone where it can actually be seen.{image from flickr}.

by Studio H Landscape Architecture

This contemporary deck wonderfully integrates the stone and wire walls. They are used as small partitions and the river stones used inside are the same ones used for the flooring. It’s a very nice match.

Feel free to also include other materials in your project. For example, add some wood. Alternate the materials, colors and textures for an eye-catching effect. The stone and wire wall can also simply be an accent feature in a more complex structure.{image sources: 1 and 2}.

A built-in bench for your terrace.

Take advantage of this versatile outdoor feature and include a bench into your design. Play with different levels and experiment with shapes.{found on site}.

Add some lighting to highlight the texture and composition. You can also build steps to connect the different levels on your property.{found on site}.

For the backyard, you can turn the entire wall into a long bench. It would have to have the right dimensions and height to be comfortable. This way you get to have two functions in one single design.{found on flickr}.

If you want, you can actually build a freestanding bench. Two wire crates filled with river stones or rocks can be the base that supports the seat and you can add a sturdy piece of wood on top.{found on pinterest}.


Take advantage of the fact that gabions let water drain freely and make some unique planters to decorate your deck with. These features are very popular in modern design so that’s another advantage.[found on flickr}.

These planters pack both an industrial and a natural look. They can be an unexpected element in a modern landscape. They also have a sculptural look.{found on flickr}.

You can control the size and shape of the wire baskets and create numerous interesting designs. For example, these planters have a rustic look and are supported by thin gabion structures.

Water feature.

Another great idea is to integrate a water feature into your stone and wire wall. It can be a small ponf, a fountain or anything else that suits your décor.Hiding everything inside the wall is easy.{found on flickr}.

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