Sonos Redesigns its Play:5 Speaker & Adds Smartphone Audio Tuning

Sonos’s Play:5 already sounded amazing, but now the brand’s flagship speaker is even better thanks to a complete overhaul. Featuring a streamlined exterior with touch-sensitive controls, the new look now employs six speakers instead of five, coupling them with synchronized drivers. As The Wall Street Journal points out, the speaker even appears to pump out a bit more bass than before while “offering a more nuanced, layered sound that gives more separation and clarity to vocals and instruments alike.”

Perhaps best of all, the new design can now be tuned with your smartphone via Sonos’s new Trueplay. A part of the brand’s updated iOS app, Trueplay allows users to select a speaker on their network on tune it specifically for its environment. After about a minute of analyzing how sound reflects off walls, windows, and furniture, the speaker will then tune itself accordingly. Thankfully, Trueplay isn’t limited to the new Play:5 — it can be used on the older model, as well as the Play:1 and Play:3.

Sonos’s brand new Play:5 is due out this November for $499 USD. Though currently limited to iOS devices, Sonos is looking to bring Trueplay to Android in the near future.

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