Ferrari Unveils 661 Horsepower 488 Spider

There are a few feelings more liberating than retracting the car’s roof while cruising on a road. In Ferrari’s new 488 Spider, which was just announced today, that feeling is likely due for a stallion-stamped embellishment. Here we find the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer releasing a powerful – about 661 horsepower, to be specific – new update to the Spider family. This iteration is not only the most aerodynamically efficient Spider ever built, but also features Ferrari’s patented retractable hard top, which folds completely inside in about 14 seconds. The body is composed with 11 various aluminum alloys for supreme rigidity, which protects and promotes the goodies under the hood: a 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, vortex generators at the underbody and a cushy leather interior. Take a tour of the vehicle with the photos above and look for the 488 Spider to physically debut at the IAA in Frankfurt this year.

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