‘Doom 4′ Gameplay Trailer

Having languished in development hell since its announcement in 2008, Doom 4 is finally ready for the mass market, as shown by this exceedingly brutal and gory gameplay trailer. Continuing in the same vein of video game violence that the original Doom pioneered in 1993, the newest instalment in the franchise delivers spellbinding graphics via its id Tech 6 game engine, of which Doom 4 is the first game to utilize its processing capabilities. In the 8-minute trailer above, the player makes his way through an industrial map, acquiring shotguns, plasma rifles, and — the crown jewel — a chainsaw which he uses with much aplomb in dismembering aliens in any which number of ways. Otherwise, the game will come with a multiplayer feature, as well as a map-making and modding tool called Snapmap that will be built into the game. Look for Doom 4 to ship in spring 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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