DIY Bathtub Tray Designs Fun To Make and Great To Use

The bathtub tray is one of the few accessories you can add to this room. It’s also extremely simple and basic and this makes it an ideal candidate for a DIY project. The bathtub tray gives you a place to rest a drink or a book while you’re taking a relaxing bath and it’s also a useful storage surface for things like shampoo and lotions. There are also plenty of other ways in which the tray can be useful. Of all the designs available, we’ve selected a few that are easy enough for you to make yourself and stylish and versatile enough to fit in any bathroom.

Easy DIY Bathtub Tray

The first step when you decide to build your own bathtub tray is to measure the width of the tub, from edge to edge, so you can establish how long the tray needs to be. Then find a piece of wood and cut it to size. Stain it to give a nice finish and then pair it with two handles. These brass ones look really chic. You can find more details on Urbanacreage.

Simple and casual bathtub tray

If you want a bathtub tray that looks simple and casual, here’s what you need to do: gather your supplies (a pine board cut to size, sandpaper, stain or paint, two cabinet pulls, screws and self-adhesive grippers), prepare the board, sand or stain it, add the grippers to the bottom of the tray and install the cabinet pulls. {found on ellaclaireinspired}.

Rustic style bathtub tray design

Interiorfun offers a detailed tutorial on how to make a bathtub tray from scratch. It involves using a piece of scrap board, two smaller boards, 4 screws, stain and polyurethane. Cut the boards to size. The smaller ones go underneath so the tray doesn’t slip and lose grip. Attach these with screws. Then stain the tray and seal it.

Build your own bathtub tray

The nice thing about bathtub trays is that you can make them from any piece or pieces of wood you have leftover from other projects. So if you don’t have a large board, use several small ones instead. You’ll get a tray that looks similar to the one featured on Snippetsofdesign.

Turquoise bathtub tray

If you want, you can paint the tray a color that matches other elements in the bathroom such as the walls, the tub, the sink or the mat. If you give it a distressed look then your tray with look rustic and this can coordinate well with other similar accessories.Available on Etsy for $75.

Simple and modern bathtub tray diy

Another way in which you can make a bathtub tray look rustic is with drawer pulls or handles that have a worn finish or that suggest in some way that they’ve been around for a long time. Also, don’t try to get the staining process perfect. Any imperfections will give the tray character and this allows it to stand out and to be unique. {found on prodigalpieces}

Round edge bathtub tray

You can give your bathtub tray any shape you want. For example, if you have a freestanding tub with soft curves and smooth angles, you can give the tray rounded edges as well. The design features on Lamaisondouce is a really good example.

Pallet bathtub tray

If you can find a wooden pallet, use it to make a tray for the bathroom tub. Cut down between the cross pieces and then cut a few of the boards to the desired length. Nail all the pieces together. Apply a few coats of stain and place the tray over the tub. {found on alexharalson}

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