20 All-Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

When you’re striving to encourage an all-natural home, you quickly realize that some things are easy and some things are hard. Like scents for instance. Summer scents are easy to produce naturally in your home because so many DIY cleaning solutions require citrus and lavender. But when it comes to fall, it can be frustrating to naturally achieve that warm cinnamon-y scent in your home without heading to Bath and Body Works. Well it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think! There are many interesting and creative ways to recreate those fall scents without turning to store bought air fresheners. Take a look at these 20 DIY ways to make your home smell like fall without sacrificing your all-natural goal.

wood wick candles

Candles are maybe the easiest way to fill your home with any scent. Just light and smell. You can make your own soy candles with any fall scented essential oil you choose. Plus these have a wooden wick that will crackle like a bonfire inside when lit. (via eHow)

mulling spices

Everybody knows that simmer pots are a great all-natural fall scent solution. But you can take that one step further and make your own spices for mulled wine. Not only will it make your kitchen smell amazing, you’ll get a nice cozy drink out of it. (via Hello Natural)

stovetop potpourri

Speaking of simmer pots, how would you like your home to smell like a pumpkin spice latte all autumn long? I certainly wouldn’t mind either. And this recipe uses all natural ingredients that you just combine and turn up the heat! (via Free People)

rosemary wreath

I’ve always thought that herbs are a cozy smell. Craft some fresh rosemary into a mini wreath and hang one wherever you want the scent. Or, you know, make one for every room in the house. (via The Pretty Blog)

scented playdough

Many mothers are nervous about lighting candles or having the stove on all day. To get that fall scent without the heat, make your kids this scented play dough! They’ll love the activity while you’ll enjoy the smell of cinnamon. (via Small and Friendly)

cinnamon pinecones

Fall scents that act as decorations are the best and that describes these pinecones perfectly. Gather some on your next nature walk and soak them in cinnamon essential oil. Then place them in a bowl on your coffee table or kitchen counter for a lovely fall decoration that smells like autumn too. (via Where Your Treasure Is)

scented leather bookmark

Nothing is cozier in the fall than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. Wouldn’t it be even lovelier to be greeted with the scent of apples or cinnamon or cloves every time you open the cover? This leather bookmark project makes that possible. (via Sweet Roots)

scented salt dough

If you have kids, you might have already made scented salt dough ornaments for Christmas… but why stop there? Use your fall cookie cutters and golden glitter to make beautiful warm scented leaves to hang around the house. Make sure there’s an extra batch to gift to Grandma! (via Fun at Home with Kids)

diy fall room spray

You’ll hear about essential oils a lot in this post, but you’ll find that they are your best friend when it comes to all-natural scents. This room spray is no different. Combine your favorite fall smells into a spray bottle with some vodka and you’ll have a room spray to use all winter long. (via Hello Natural)

diy sachets

Everyone makes these little sachets with dried lavender, but I’m going to suggest something a little different. Use a mixture of herbs, cinnamon stick pieces and cloves for a fall scent that will invade your drawers and closets and wherever else you put the little pouches. (via Francois et Moi)

spiced sugar scrub

You can argue that wherever you are will smell like fall, right? So whipping up this spiced latte brown sugar scrub will not only become a shower necessity, your home will smell like spiced latte wherever you are. (via Bumble Bree)

cinnamon orange freshener

Here’s another great solution for a flame-less fall scent! This all-natural cinnamon orange air freshener would be the perfect fall touch for your guest room this season. Especially if you’re expecting out-of-town family for Thanksgiving. (via Shaken Together)

scented scouring powder

If your bathroom cleaning essentials can smell like summer, why not make them smell like fall? This recipe uses cinnamon, cloves and baking soda to create an all-natural scouring powder that will leave your bathroom smelling like an apple pie. (via Hello Natural)

scented rice

When those fall rains start sprinkling and the little ones get restless, it’s always a good idea to have some indoor activities on hand. This fall scented rice is the perfect project to keep little fingers busy and your house smelling lovely at the same time. (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

diy potpourri

Potpourri is kind of an old fashioned way to capture the autumn scents. But there are ways to make it fit with your decor! Like using a crystal jar and lace and moss to make it feel more terrarium like and less “grandma’s bathroom”. (via Free People)

reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are an easy way to diversify your scents in your home without much effort. Fill yours with essential oils that smell like fall. Think cinnamon and clove or go with orange and rosemary.

scented trivets

Did you know that you can make scented wood? That’s right. Just soak the piece in your favorite essential oil and them craft these wooden trivets. Every time you put a pot of soup on top, you’ll smell a hint of cinnamon or apple or whatever oil you used. (via A Beautiful Mess)

scented play food

Kids so enjoy being a part of the kitchen happenings, but sometimes you just want to bake an apple pie all by yourself. So you can make this little pie play set for your minis that even smells like apple pie! Then you can bake yours in peace. (via Study at Home Mama)

scented firestarters

Whether you have a fireplace or a fire pit, you’re going to want to make these spice and herb fire starters. Then wrap up in your coziest sweater and enjoy the ultimate fall smell that will bring out the neighbors. (via Hello Natural)

car freshener

Don’t forget the car! Craft this little magnetic holder in a few minutes and insert a cotton ball with your fall scented essential oil of your choice. This will make morning commutes much more bearable. (via Frugally Blonde)

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