DIY Gold Leaf Marble Hex Trays – Fast & Easy Upgrade!

Most of us are very busy people, but we still enjoy beautiful things and doing things ourselves. This DIY project incorporates all of those features – fast, easy, and pretty – in one simple and luxe-looking item. All you need are a few materials and a few minutes, and you’ll upgrade the sophistication of your surroundings immediately. Marble hex trays are a fabulous detail for many occasions, such as party trays, snack trays, tea party trays, jewelry trays, or even just miscellaneous décor trays. However you choose to use yours, we’re betting you won’t want to make just one, especially when you realize how easy it is to get this glamour.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Closer look

DIY Marble Hex Tray Project

DIY Level: Beginner

DIY Marble Hex Tray Materials

Materials Needed:

  • 6” marble hex tiles (or marble tiles in whatever shape or size you desire)
  • Gold leaf paint
  • Three (3) rubber bumpers per hex tile

DIY Marble Hex Tray design

Start by attaching the rubber bumpers to the underside of your tile. Turn tile to the matte side.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Attach Rubber

Attach a rubber bumper to every other corner of your tile.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Flat Brush

Using a flat paint brush and a steady hand, paint gold leaf onto the edge of your tile. Taping off is not necessary, although if you feel nervous about keeping the gold leaf off the top of the tile, you can tape off the top of your tile.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Gold Leaf

Paint the gold leaf on using smooth brush strokes, in one direction.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Corners Check

Check the corners and the top of your tile for any drips or smudges.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Finished

Lay your tile down carefully and let it dry thoroughly. Repeat painting gold leaf for as many other tiles as you want.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Breakfast

Use the small trays to add sophistication to any snack.

DIY Marble Hex Tray Serve Guest

Serve guests on your new gilded marble hex trays, or use them for portion control for yourself.

DIY Gold Leaf Marble Hex Trays Jewelry

These trays aren’t just for food; they make good jewelry holders as well. Simple, understated, and sophisticated. We love the elegance of a gold-leafed marble edge.

DIY Gold Leaf Marble Hex Trays

It’s a perfect “bedroom” or ballroom for Polly Pockets, too. Really, it’s hard to go wrong with such a gorgeous, versatile piece of décor. We hope you make some and find lots and lots of uses!

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