Creating A Housewarming Party With DIY Decorations

The sun is shining and summer is on the horizon, it’s the perfect time of the year to throw a housewarming party and show off your new home or renovations! From tablescapes to foyer frills, hosting this shindig can be much easier on yourself and on your budget by having fun and creating some of your own decorating. Let’s take a look at some easy DIY projects that will make your housewarming party run much smoother, seem more personal and look so much more festive.

1. Easy Garland.

Dress up the porch or patio with some simple garland you can put together in a jiffy. Choose a shape, from hearts to circles, in colors of your choice (we love these vibrant shades) and string them together! Imagine the pop you can create by adding something so easy and youthful to the party!{found on abeautifulmess}.

2. Washi Cups.

For an easy way for guests to find and keep their drinks and an even easier way to decorate and add pizzazz, pop a piece of washi tape onto your disposable party cups! Use fun, printed pieces and mix up some solids for a festive style that’s perfect for a housewarming party.{found on ajoyfulriot}.

3. Food Scape.

Make sure to pay extra special attention to the food of the party. Create a table that’s both lovely and easy to get to and maneuver through. Make it the centerpiece of the party. Add a backdrop, accents, food signs and more! Just take this design as inspiration for creating your very own food scape!{found on theglitterguide}.

4. Drink Decor.

Even your drink nook can have a pop of color and style. Use water balloons as your ice (freeze them beforehand) to add a festive, party vibe and some vivacious energy to an unsuspecting spot. Even the bottles of water can have some fun spirits added right in!

5. Hanging Streamers.

You’d be surprised how easy simple streamers can light up the party. Instead of using them to line a room and create garland, let them fall from the ceiling instead. This can create a beautiful backdrop and a really funky vibe on the patio or even in the dining room area!

6. Cupcake Centerpiece.

Who knew cupcake liners could be so easy to create with? Just look at this lush centerpiece made entirely from blushing cupcake liners. Use these cuties to line the food table or use on any picnic tables you’ve decided to set up in the backyard to make dinnertime with your guests easier to handle.{found on tinytiaraparties}.

7. Utensil Pots.

If you’re having your party out in the garden, grab some pots and get to decorating. Dip them in a color of your choice and grab some chalkboard sticker labels so you have a spot for every fork, knife and spoon. We love how personalize-able this idea is and how reusable it is too!{found on hgtvgardens}.

8. Chalkboard Menu.

Use your chalkboard skills and create a gorgeous, but casual, menu for your guests to enjoy. It’s a great way to light the way towards the food, especially if you’ve decided to host in the backyard, and it’s a fun accent to the party as well.{found on thegraphicsfairy}.

9. Add a Guestbook.

Remember who came to help you celebrate in your new home with a guest book. Go traditional and add the fun accent by the front door or create a piece of art for the house by allowing everyone to add to a creation you’ve already started, like this one for example!

10. Confetti Balloon.

Fill your balloons up with confetti before they’re blown up. Then, once they are, they’ll have a unique and even more festive look to them. We suggest using clear balloon, like in the photo, so you can see the design pieces even more clearly. It’s such a fun and charming look and easy to match to the rest of the party decor.{found on prettyprudent}.

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