15 Ways to Decorate with String

You’ll find bins and bins of it in every craft store. It comes in countless colors, lengths, widths and combinations. It can be used for practicality and decorating purposes. Can you guess the subject yet? That’s right. String! DIY projects abound on the subject. Ways to put it in your home, your crafts and your closet. It can get a little dizzying. So let’s narrow the field down to decorating with string. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite ways to decorate with it that you’re going to love. Take a look!

1. Arrows String Art

Back away from the states string art. It’s a little too cliche at this point. Brighten up your walls by choosing a more geometric design like arrows or hexagons. We’ll guess you’ll have an easier time wrapping as well. (via Dwelling in Happiness)

2. Straight on the Wall

A wall is definitely the biggest canvas you have for creativity. If you don’t mind all the nail holes, go a head and start wrapping your string right on the wall. (via Jen Loves Kev)

3. Make a Plaque

Everybody loves a good sign that displays a timeless phrase or meaningful song lyrics. DIY your own with string. It’ll end up wrapped around your little finger. (via Infarrantly Creative)

4. Display Photos

Make your string work as storage and an art display at the same time. Create a constellation on your wall and hang all your favorite pictures. It’s the perfect excuse to print those Instagrams to me. (via Vanilla Craft Blog)

5. String Portraits

These portrait plaques are the perfect way to bring vintage and modern art together in your home. Bonus points if you get your whole family on the wall, including pets. (via Ladyface)

6. Wood Slice

Going eclectic in your home? Try using a wood slice as your base for your string art. It will bring a piece of the outdoors into your decor and give off those summer camp vibes you know you love. (via Suburble)

7. Ombre String Art

Who says you have to DIY your string art all in the same color? For a large string art piece, use several shades of string to create an ombre effect. (via The Red Thread)

8. String Frame

Big mirrors are a big expense. Buy a small one and give it the illusion of grandeur by framing it with large twine or string. It’s the perfect affordable home hack for a welcoming foyer. (via Country Living)

9. String + Photograph

It’s time to practice your embroidery skills. Whether you use an old family photo or a thrifted find, create a unique an interesting art piece with just a picture and some colorful string. (via Cargo Collective)

10. Yarn Ball Garland

Bring out the fun and fancy free when you make this yarn ball garland. It’s the perfect solution for replacing curtains in a child’s room or a playroom. (via We Lived Happily Ever After)

11. String Art Dates

Lists of important dates on chalkboards or in frames are all the rage. Make yours with string to record the highlights of your relationship or the birth of your children. (via Love Grows Wild)

12. Air Plant Display

Expand the reign of your plants up onto your walls. String art is a unique way to catch your air plants and create a whole new art display. You might even decide you need one in every room. (via Brit + Co)

13. Monogrammed String

Stake your claim and get your initials up on the wall with this simple string art project. It will notify everyone who loves who in this household. If they couldn’t already tell. (via Look What I Made)

14. Wrapped Twine

Wrap it up. Stamp it good. But don’t mail this string art beauty! You’re going to want to keep this on display for years to come. (via Hey Kessy)

15. Constellation String Art

Starry starry night never looked so good. Wrap up your zodiac constellation or just choose your favorite starry group to make an art piece to rival all the others. (via Brit + Co)

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