The Papasan Chair – A Design Classic With Many Different Versions

How can something have a classic design when there can be so many different variations for its design? It’s simple actually. The Papasan chair which is also known as a bowl chair is more of a style than the name used to describe a particular piece of furniture.

First introduced in the U.S. n the 1950s, the Papasan chair became really popular in the ’70s. It continues to be used in interior designs around the globe, being appreciated for the comfort it offers and simple and practical design.

The seat rests in an upright frame, traditionally made of rattan but which can also be made of sturdy wicker or wood.{found on pier1}.

The design of the chair is rather simple but also versatile and able to adapt to a variety of decors. Here, for example, the chairs looks bohemian and chic, with a subtle feminine appeal.

The bowl-shaped chair has an adjustable angle so it can adapted to the user’s preferences. This makes it particularly comfortable and great for sitting areas and living rooms.

Because of its rounded edges, simple and friendly shape and adjustable seat, the Papasan chair is wonderful for children’s bedrooms or playrooms

You can remove the base and turn the seat into a swing. You can attach rope or sturdy cord and hang it outside for the kids to enjoy. Surely, adults wouldn’t mind relaxing in it as well.

Even though the Papasan chairs are incredibly comfortable, they rarely seem to match most of the interior, especially those with a rattan base. You can easily solve that problem with a quick and easy makeover.{found on sofancyblog}.

The Mamasan chair – the double seat version.

The double-seated version can also be turned into a swing. A version more appropriate for adults this time.

The Double Papasan chair can also be used as a daybed. A super cozy option for the reading corner for example.{found on localwisdom}.

Modern Designs.

We’ve mentioned that there are several versions of this chair and designs inspired by it all over the world. This is a modern version and, as you can see, the design is simplified and also a little less bulky. The thin metal base is the biggest improvement.

And this is the cute little version for cats. With a design inspired by the Papasan chair, this cat bed is super cozy and has the ideal shape for cats to cozy up inside and take a nap.

Furniture designer Jamey Garza came up with this chic piece: a chair with a round, leather seat and a sleek and thin metal base. Notice the resemblance with the Papasan chair but also the obvious differences between the two.

Cradle is a rocking chair with a design that’s all about comfort. It has a round wooden frame resembling half of a nutshell and a comfy cushion seat. You can curl up inside and take a nap in style.{found on coroflot}.

The Sunflower Chair is a combination between a comfy chair with a round seat and a bookcase. It’s ideal for reading corner as it lets you store your favorite books right there within arms reach.{found on ohgizmo}.

Recycling the Papasan chair.

This classical and flexible chair has a lot to offer, even after it stops being useful as a chair. Then it can be turned into a planter. You can make a lovely miniature garden for your patio or even to display inside the house.

Somehow, the rattan base seems to better complement the planter than it did the actual chair.

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