Cool Planters Made From Unusual Recycled Objects

Want to add a fresh vibe to your balcony, terrace, deck or garden? What better way to do that than with a cool-looking planter? We’re not talking about the kind you buy at your local store but about something a little more unusual and a little more personal than that. These planters were made from all sorts of unusual objects and crazy things.

Let’s not dive into crazy just yet so we’ll start with something simple, like this lovely flower pot made from an old watering can. To make it, drill two small holes in the base of the watering can for drainage and then fill it with soil. Add the plants and that’s about it.{found on thelittlegreenhouse}.

Want to try something a little more interesting, perhaps something with an artistic vibe? Take a look at this cello planter. It makes a great statement piece for the garden but you can pretty much place it anywhere you want.

Similarly, if you’re not the cello type, you can turn an old piano into a beautiful planter and, while you’re at it, you might as well turn it into a beautiful water feature too. You can paint it to give a refresh look.

And speaking of weird and unusual projects, here’s an old Irish pony and trap cart turned into a beautiful planter. It’s something you can display in the garden or in the yard. You can customize the cart in any way you want to make it look more interesting. A little bit of paint goes a long way.

Abandoned Cars.

There’s not much you can do with an old, broken car, except maybe something awesome like turning it into a giant centerpiece for the garden. It’s a big project but not as difficult as it may seem. You can have fun taking apart the car and opening up the interior and then you can simply turn it into a big planter.

But you can also leave it as such as work around the design. Let nature take over and you can create some amazing things.

Continuing on the same tone, here’s another unusual project: turn a chandelier into a planter. Of course, the chandelier wouldn’t be functional anymore because you’ll be filling the sockets with soil. You can also paint the chandelier a bold color and then hang it on the porch.{found on etsy}.

An old chair has lots of potential and, if you decide to turn it into a planter, you’ll first have to take off the seat. Put a bucket or planter in its place and then have fun picking the flowers you like and guiding them, allowing them to climb on the backrest.{found on seattletimes}.

What do you do with your old purses and bags? Throw them out. We have a much better idea. Fill them with soil and hang them on your fence or porch or anywhere else you want. It’s one of the most innovative ideas so far.

Old tires are also great for making planter and flower beds. To make things more interesting, paint the tires different colors. You can arrange them in any way you want. Simple but inventive and very interesting. I’d definitely love to try this project one day.{found on lemonbeanandthings}.

Sure, old tubs can be restored but sometimes a new one would work even better. This also gives you the opportunity to take the old tub outside, fill it with soil and turn it into a unique planter which you can display in the garden, on the terrace or on the deck. Don’t even worry about the worn look. It just gives it more character.

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