Everlane Will Give All Black Friday Profits to Its Factory Workers

While other retailers scramble to out-discount its competitors this Black Friday, Everlane has decided to opt out of the chaotic frenzy that has come to define Thanksgiving weekend. Instead, the online clothing retailer will not offer anything for sale (the clothes will retail at a price that the company considers a fair value) and all of the profits will go directly to the workers who sew tee-shirts at the company’s L.A. factory. The brand is aiming to raise $100,000 USD through its Black Friday Fund in order to create a new wellness program for factory workers, offering free food (in the form of groceries), on-site health care, and English classes. With the success of its Black Friday program in 2014, in which Everlane raised funds for its silk factory in Hangzhou, China, the company was able to purchase solar panels for the workers’ on-campus apartments. Amidst the overwhelming onslaught of Black Friday deals, Everlane‘s initiative is a progressive and unfeigned gesture of positive change.

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