Google Unveils the Chromecast 2 & Chromecast Audio

After selling 20 million devices, Google’s popular Chromecast has been updated with the introduction of the aptly named Chromecast 2. Featuring an all-new exterior and trio of colorways, the new streaming device now sports a built-in HDMI cable while a trio of Wi-Fi antennas — an “adaptive antenna system” — offers a better internet connection than ever before by using algorithms to automatically (and constantly) adjust. Perhaps best of all, the new Chromecast, unlike many of its competitors, will be driven by an app on your phone so there’s no need to learn any new interface or hardware-specific versions of your favorite apps. Your phone can even be used as a controller to play games on the device.

Joining the Chromecast 2 is Google’s all-new Chromecast Audio. Originally codenamed “Hendrix,” the device can basically turn any set of speakers into those of the internet-connected variety. Users simply plug in the device via the included AUX cable and use their phone — a la the Chromecast 2 — to control the device, streaming the likes of Spotify directly to the speakers. The music-centric hardware also includes HQ capabilities — like optical digital output — for use with higher-end speakers. Google is even promising multi-room support for the Audio — as well as the Chromecast 2 — before the end of the year, so you can effectively turn your home into a Sonos-like set-up.

The new Chromecast and Audio version of the device can both be picked up now directly from Google for just $35 USD each. To see the devices in action, head on over to the Google Cast YouTube page.

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