New ‘Furious 7′ Feature Presents Dom’s Off-Road Dodge Charger

As one of the most talked about topics of this year’s Furious 7 release, we are treated to a closer look at the hybrid Dodge Charger assembled for Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto. As a franchise revered for its use of awe-inspiring cars, the latest installment is one of the first times it has ever expressed such an affinity towards hybrid, ultra-modified cars such as the one shown above. Featuring a highly modified chassis along with all the necessary components needed for the car to associate with the work of previous Fast & Furious productions — it can drift, it’s fast and certainly stands out as one of the most interesting cars throughout the film. Scheduled to release on Blu-ray as early as next week, the new Furious 7 disc set will feature a number of behind the scenes “featurettes,” with more information available directly at the official Furious 7 website for more information.


via. Hypebeast

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