Canadian DJ Brendan Fallis Talks Travel, Fashion, Music, Creativity & Hennessy Black

Brendan Fallis is everywhere. The Canadian import DJ and entrepreneur has been entertaining countless crowds with his open-format DJing, and has provided music for high-profile clients such as Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Red Bull, Taco Bell, and Viacom. His “Day and All Night” track production gained worldwide recognition with its unique use of Kate Moss’ vocals during shoe label Stuart Weitzman’s fall 2013 campaign, and has done numerous remixes to chart-topping success. When he’s not working the decks however, Brendan graces the covers of such publications as GQ and Details, is listed in “Best Dressed” lists for both Vanity Fair and MR PORTER, and was even voted one of the “100 Hottest Men to Follow on Instagram” by MSN Lifestyle.

To delve into the mind of such a well-rounded talent, we sat down with Brendan Fallis and picked his brain on his career, his style, his drink of choice, and even his personal life.

Other than your consistent work in NY, where have you been this year?
I started off the year in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Lao.  Since then, I’ve been to Canada a few times, Italy, France, Spain and all over the U.S.

Tell us about your best/most interesting gig recently.
I recently played in Milan for Maserati and Zegna, which was pretty amazing! But most interesting, I’d have to say the Cannes Lion Ad Week Event for The Barbarian Group. I had the pleasure of DJing on a yacht, which was a first for me, but more so, the people in attendance were all really embedded in advertising and tech, so it was interesting to converse with them.

How is your personal style and taste reflected in your music? Do you find a particular symmetry between your fashion style and music style?
I like to think my style leans more towards the clean and classic vibe, so I tend to tailor my music to that. But, I also like to add a little edge to what I’m wearing sometimes. Twist in some relevant culture pieces with some classics. I DJ with an open format style which allows me to tailor my music to the specific crowd I am in front of and also pairs well with my style.

Do you have any tricks to jumpstart your creative process?
[Hennessy Black] is great to get creativity flowing when you need a little kick. Hennessy is a long-standing cognac that tastes as good as anything with such a high standard of quality should. The brand itself lends towards class and elegance. I see a dapper man who knows what to appreciate loving the brand or someone who wants to respect a taste and stand out from the rest in a respective way. If you’re taking the time to drink something with such quality, you want to live that lifestyle as well.

How do you take your Hennessy Black (straight, rocks, cocktail, etc.)? On what occasion would you drink Hennessy Black?
I like my Hennessy Black with 1 or 2 rocks. Clean and easy. I drink it as an after-dinner drink or for a late night work drink.

Who are your top artists in heavy rotation in your bag at the moment?
Right now I am playing a lot of Flume, Jeremih, Tom Petty, Nas and Hayden James.

Describe a typical night off for Brendan Fallis.
A night off for me is the classic dinner and a movie/series with my girl. We both enjoy cooking so much, so we shop and try and create something that we originally thought we would not be able to make. Pair that with a nice drink on the rocks afterwards and hanging with some friends or just chilling on our own, that’s about the best night in the books for me.

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