Geometric Shelves – Simple Yet Eccentric and Great For Every Room

Geometric design is very popular in modern and contemporary interiors and it comes in many forms. Geometric shelves are a simple and chic way of giving the room a more eccentric and sharp look. Of course, the designs vary and can be adapted to any style and space.

Here’s a casual design of a triangle-shaped shelving unit. A simple yet still eye-catching piece of furniture. The storage spaces feature a variety of shapes and sizes so there’s plenty of room for displaying collections, accessories and other things.

by Christina Lilly

This etagere is gorgeous. It has a very nice modern-vintage look. The glass shelves allow the shape to stand out and the overall look is very clean and simple. Something like this would look nice in a modern living room but also in a more vintage and bohemian environment.

Let’s also take a look at something smaller and simpler. For example, this is a very lovely shelf. It’s made of wood and it’s simple enough to go with any room, any color and style. It’s also interesting enough to hang by itself as an art piece.{found on etsy}.

Small is not always equivalent with simple. Take this shelf for example. It has a rather complex design and its asymmetrical shape makes it stand out. The wood and the finish give it a rustic feel while the shape screams modern.{found on site}.

You can combine two or more geometric shelving units to create a larger and more complex design such as this one. It’s a very interesting look, even more wonderful because it sits in the corner.

This design is somewhat similar, although a little bit simpler. It features a series of shelves for displaying small items while the rest of the frame is for display purposes only.{found on designsponge}.

Photo By Adza

This wall unit is made of a series of hexagons arranged in a pattern similar to a honeycomb. Each hexagon is a shelf for storing and displaying small items.

Some of these designs are well beyond the statute of simple shelf. This unit, for example, is closer to being a cabinet, except it has no doors. It’s an asymmetrical unit made of three compartments which fit together like a puzzle.

Big wall units can also feature geometric designs. This is a perfect example. A unit which covers almost an entire wall which shelves and compartments of different shapes and sizes. The design is almost symmetrical.{found on anthologymag}.

This would have to be one of my favorite designs so far. It’s a triangular modular shelf. The modular system allows you to arrange the triangles in any form you like. It’s like playing with Lego pieces and a great idea if you’re the types that likes to reinvent the decor every once in a while.{found on lostateminor}.

These shelves have a minimalist design and they’re basically plain, simple wooden shelves with a few asymmetrical, geometric-shaped background pieces paired together and featuring slightly different sizes and colors.

This is the Angle Shelf from ALS Designs. It has a minimalistic design and it can hold only one item or perhaps two small ones. It’s a lovely accent piece in a modern home with a simple décor.

This sculptural piece is not a work of art, although it could serve as one. It’s a bookshelf designed by Bradley Bowers. It’s supposed to be a dynamic part of a living room’s design and it can also serve as a room divider. The contents can be accessed from both sides.

This is Imeüble, a modular storage system designed by Bjorn Jorund Blikstad. It has a colorful 3D design featuring 5 colors in total and each little cube is a separate storage module.

This is a great look for a home office. A series of simple shelves custom made and sized for the wall. They have a very nice bronze finishes which matches the wallpaper on the walls.

These simple-looking boxes are a nice alternative to regular shelves. You can actually store and display items both inside the box and on top of it.

If you want to change the ambiance in your home office, try zig-zag shelves. You can come up with your own design and customize them to match the space as well as your storage needs. Use them as bookshelves or simply for display purposes.

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