10 Ways to Use Chicken Wire in Your Décor this Spring

Trend alert: Chicken wire. That’s right. It’s not just to keep our egg-laying friends safe from the foxes anymore. Chicken wire is showing up outside AND inside the most stylish of homes. It’s a down-to-earth resource that has both an organic vibe with a bit of modern geometric and industrial appeal. That’s right. Chicken wire has it all. If you’re interested how you could incorporate this trend into your home décor this spring, read on for ten fantastic ideas:

1. Chicken Wire: Wallpaper.

You might be on board with chicken wire as the primary component of accessories, but have you ever considered using it as wallpaper? If not, this master bedroom might be the inspiration you’re after. Chicken wire spray painted gold and mounted on the main bedroom wall lends a subtle geometric backdrop to the cozy cottage feeling.{found on ashleyannphotography}.

2. Chicken Wire: Window Treatments.

Using straight chicken wire over your windows might be a little harsh for some (and fabulously industrial for others). But wrapping strips of white or pale fabric into and around the chicken wire that’s hung in the windows just might be the perfect softening – and stylistic – touch to bring out your décor’s cottage charm.{found on upcountryolio}.

3. Chicken Wire: Industrial Lighting.

It’s an interesting thing, when modern style merges with industrial style merges with rustic style. That’s exactly what a chicken wire pendant light does – the workhorse wire in a minimalist form brings all those styles together, making the lighting choice a good fit in any style of space.

4. Chicken Wire: Armoire or Hutch Insert.

Armoire doors can be a little overpowering in a space if they’re solid; they can also be a little shiny if the doors are glass or mirrored. (Both of these styles can also look fabulous; just depends on the style of the space!) Chicken wire provides a happy medium, providing a distinct yet subtle “wall” effect to the door while allowing complete visibility to the displayed objects inside.

5. Chicken Wire: Art or Sculpture.

Chicken wire comes in huge rolls, making it an ideal medium for a variety of sculptures and artwork. This giraffe, made out of chicken wire and spray painted a golden yellow, is a prime example of the detail one can achieve by molding chicken wire into any form. Don’t forget that painting chicken wire is always an option to make the sculpture stand out against its surroundings.

6. Chicken Wire: Mood (or Inspiration) Board.

Chicken wire, by its very nature, provides a perfect material for attaching things. Set into a lovely frame of your choice (this one is antique and ornate; you could play around with something completely contemporary and streamlined), chicken wire could be the next functioning – and stylish – bulletin board in your life.

7. Chicken Wire: Kitchen Cupboards.

by Patrick Barta Photography

Open shelving in the kitchen is very hot right now. For a country, cottage, or farmhouse style kitchen, installing chicken wire in the cupboard doors provides the same feeling as open shelving but carries through the rustic vibe you might be after. Chicken wire pairs especially well with a distressed finish on the cabinetry.

8. Chicken Wire: Home Décor Accessories.

This one might be for those trying to achieve a more rustic and/or industrial vibe, but incorporating chicken wire into your everyday décor is a fantastic way to bring a sense of the organic to your interior. Wrap some antique bottles in a self-crafted chicken wire basket, for example, to create both a functional collection and a stylish décor accent.{found on karboojeh}.

9. Chicken Wire: Pantry Doors.

Being able to see into your pantry could provide a great time-saving benefit to some; it could be a stressful layout for others. If you’re looking for a way to find the ingredients you want as quickly as possible, you might want to consider chicken wire inserts for your pantry doors. There’s a definite charm to this casual style.

10. Chicken Wire: Supplies Organizer.

It might seem ironic to create a DIY storage solution (out of chicken wire, naturally) to house all your DIY project and craft supplies. Ironic or very very brilliant. There’s no better way to ring in a new season than a fresh, organized start. Think how productive you could be this spring with your supplies at the ready! Framed chicken wire provides perfect hanging options for a variety of supplies and tools.{found on makezine}.

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