20 Best IKEA Hacks of 2013

This past year brought us a heap of amazing hacks on the web and none are more funner than the IKEA versions.  From mid-century modern to the fauxdenza, here’s 20 of some of our favorite IKEA Hacks from 2013.

1. A Mid-Century Style Expedit
This Expedit shelf has been beautifully modied (so much so) it’s our favorite hack of the year! 12mm ply board was added and stained in a maple satin finish, along with legs from a recycle yard.  More info at ikeahackers.net.

2. EKBY Bracket Love
This shelf was created using EKBY Brackets, then painted various colours to add interest.  From stilsucht.de via Apartment Therapy.

3. DIY Marble Coffee Table
Coming in at number three, this marble coffee table idea from the folks at Livet Hemma. Using the KLUBBO Coffee Table, marble-style contact paper is applied giving it a faux marble top look. More info here.

4. Cutting Boards Hack
This is a beautiful idea, again from Livet Hemma. Cutting boards are fixed up set up with leather handles and wraps. So simple, and looks amazing. More info here.

5. Hanging Planters
Using thrift store leather belts, the ASKER containers are made into some cool hanging planters.
By Liesbeth Smit, Amsterdam. Get the instructions here.

6. Found Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Ikea kitchen wall cabinets are covered in some beautiful recycled wood to make for a nice credenza.
More info at ikeahackers.net.

7. PS 2012 Marble Upgrade
A PS 2012 kitchen table is modified with a former coffee table marble top. Check out the details here.

8. Table from the Fifties
Take 3 Ulsberg tables, cut one of the legs and that’s it apparantly! Via ikeahackers.net.

9. RAST Dollhouse
A RAST nightstand gets a little hack to make this sweet dollhouse filled with the HUSET living room. Get the how-to here.

10. Butcher Block Klubbo Tables
The Klubbo nesting tables are topped with solid maple cutting board tops. Via ikeahackers.net.

11. Domino Does a PAX Hack
Jenny Komenda, Domino’s DIY expert transforms a PAX wardrobe and vanity. Get the instructions here.

12. A Black and White Kitchen
Not really a hack but more of a mix.  A two-tone cabinet look is successfully achieved using the Lidingo (white) and Ramsjo (black). By thediymommy.com via ikeahackers.

13. Breadbox Becomes Mailbox
This is a rather clever hack if we ever saw one.  Turning a Ordning stainless steel breadbox into an outdoor mailbox. Get the info here.

14. Industrial Vittsjo
The glass of the Vittsjo is removed and replaced with a stained wood to create a more industrial-style shelf. Click here for the how-to.

15. DIY Extra Long Horizontal Stripe Curtains
Lengthen some Ikea Ritva Curtain panels with this simple sewing tutorial on ikeahackers.net.

16. Doll Furniture Chair and Coffee Table
Probably one of the more cuter ideas for a hack.  Creating a doll chair and coffee table out of wooden salad bowls. These using the Blanda Matt Bowls. Check out the how-to here.

17. Lack Turns Mid-Century
A simple idea adding midcentury-style legs to a Lack table top. Get the info here.

18. DIY Fauxdenza from Ikea Kitchen Cabinets
A fun idea using kitchen cabinets to create a modern-looking credenza.

19. From Basic to Mid-Century Modern
A basic Jokkmokk table is transformed by removing the legs and trim and adding mid-century modern style legs. More information at ikeahackers.net.

20. An Accordian Sconce
Make a wall sconce using an IKEA FRACK accordian mirror and a clamp light. Get the how-to at here.

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