17 Valentine’s Day Crafts From The Heart

A gift that you’ve actually made yourself is more valuable than anything you can buy. So for Valentine’s Day you can try to craft something for your loved one. We have a wonderful collection of DIY projects you can try. They’re also things you can use as decorations to set the mood or simply to change the atmosphere in the house.

An easy craft would be a heart garland. To make one, you can use fabric or paper, glue, string and card stock. Cut out a bunch of hearts and glue them together like shown in the pictures.{found on themotherhuddle}.

Here’s another idea for a beautiful garland and this time it’s one you can only make out of paper. Cut colored paper into strips and fold them in half. Splice two strips of paper together at the bottom of each heart with tape and curl the loose ends.{found on howaboutorange}.

You could try something a little more unusual such as a pom pom heart. Here, a slice of wood was used as the base but you can easily replace it with something else. Then simply take the pom poms and glue them one by one after you’ve drawn a heart with a pencil to guide you.{found on writingchapterthree}.

If you happen to have some photos printed on 4×6 photo paper then you can use them to make this lovely ornament. You need two strips of photos which you staple together at one end, fold the ends around and staple again.{found on scrappergirl}.

If you have some leftover felt in the house, you can make a beautiful garland. You can use two different colors which you alternate but you can customize the garland. Cut out the hearts and make two small slits in each one for the ribbon to pass through.{found on site}.

A wall of 3D paper hearts can be a lovely surprise for Valentine’s Day. Here’s how you make it. Cut out hearts out of colored paper. Make sure they’re of different sizes. They each need to have a slit cut partway down the center. Pinch the two edges together and add some glue.{found on howaboutorange}.

Wreaths are beautiful no matter what the occasion is. For Valentine’s Day you can make a beautiful heart-shaped wreath using pom-poms. You need a wreath form,, glue and pom-poms. Alternate the colors as you wish.{found on designimprovised}.

This Valentine heart chain looks very chic and it’s also very easy to make. Cut colored paper into strips. Stack two strips on top of each other and staple one end. Bend the ends together to make a heart shape, add another staple and continue using the same technique.{found on makezine}.

There are lots of lovely decorations you can make for Valentine’s Day, one of them being this kind of wall art. For this project you need a photo frame, glue, card stock and twine. Cut hearts of different shapes and colors, glue them onto twine and then glue the strings to the frame.{found on makinghomebase}.

Using edible paint, you can customize the dishes you’ll be using on Valentine’s Day and thus create a beautiful surprise for your loved one. Just paint hearts on the plates and cups. It’s very easy and it takes little time.{found on howaboutorange}.

This is an idea you can very well use for Valentine’s Day but not only. Add a crochet edge to paper cut outs and you’ll unique decorations for the wall. They look like frames but they’re not what you expect them to be.{found on onesheepishgirl}.

Here’s another lovely project you can try. These are crocheted hearts which are sewn together to form a pocket, perfect for sweets, love messages and for hiding in the coat or the drawers as a sweet surprise on Valentine’s Day.{found on flaxandtwine}.

Here’s another beautiful heart-shaped wreath you can make for Valentine’s Day. This one is a berry wreath made with a grapevine form. If you want, you can paint some of the berries or you can put some glue onto them and sprinkle glitter.{found on site}.

And here’s yet another wreath idea. To make this one you need burlap, wire cutters, pliers and wire. Cut two lengths of wire and bend them to make a heart. This will be the wreath form. Cut the burlap into strips and thread it onto the wire.{found on site}.

Here’s a framed Valentine’s Day decoration you can easily make. All you need is an old photo frame and some colored or patterned paper. Cut out a bunch of hearts, bend them a little down the middle and glue them onto card board. Frame them and that’s all.{found on reeniejaecreations}.

These yarn hearts are easy and also fun to make. You’ll need wire, wire cutters, yarn and scissors. Bend two pieces of wire together to form a heart and twist the ends. Tie yarn onto the heart and wrap it securely as you go from one side to the other.{found on cfabbridesigns}.

Here’s something fun you can try: a Valentine wood block puzzle. Of course, it’s only symbolic. You need four blocks of wood (you can use as many as you want), glue and glitter or paint. Using a heart stencil, draw the shape onto the blocks, making sure you cover each side. Then paint the portions using different colors, one for each side.{found on studiodiy}.

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